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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/26

If Boise State was seriously going to contend for another BCS bowl or better this season, there were going to need to be some major upsets ahead of them in the rankings. Cue Oregon State. The Beavers beat USC last night to throw more dirt on the Pac-10's grave and to seriously shake up the college football status quo. Boise State fans should be happy.

In other news, the Office came back last night, so it was pretty much the greatest Thursday we have had in awhile. Here are today's links.

Bronco bloggers talk Oregon, cheap shots, and more [BNN]
We took the week off on account of us not liking how our voice sounds when it's recorded.

Anyone else forget that Hawaii was defending WAC champion? [KHNL]
Was that just last year? Man, it feels like 1989 or something.

Fresno State still No. 1 in Reno paper's WAC rankings [Gazette Journal]
Narrow victories over Toledo are worth bonus points apparently.

We'll miss you CBH Touchdown Lounge [CBH Homes]
Not that you were ever kind enough to have us over. Elitist.

Idaho cheerleader coach resigns [Fight Fight BSU]
Using pink, sequined stationery no doubt.

A Vandal fan jealous of BSU's success [Argonaut]
And for once, it is not Robb Akey.

Idaho State AD a bit more blog friendly than anyone at BSU [ISZ]
Almost makes us remorseful about bagging our "One Bengal Nation Under God" idea.

Tight ends should be big Moore fans [Bronco Beat]
But really, at this point, who isn't?

Oregon's Darron Thomas injured in speed racing accident [ESPN]
He may be fine for Washington State, which is more than you can say for a healthy Chris Harper.

Ernie Davis' historically inaccurate Nike branding to be removed []
No word yet on the Tony Hilde/iPod blunder.