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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/24

Did anyone else know that our nation is in a financial crisis? We just found out that the stock market nearly collapsed in on itself last week. Man, this Boise State football can be so enthralling.

Here are today's links:

Jeron Johnson will change for no man [Bronco Beat]
Bad news for LaTech and the rest of the WAC.

Pat Forde pays attention to Idaho sports [ESPN]
Although, the Vandals wish that he wouldn't.

Vandal cheerleaders climb the search rankings [Fight Fight BSU]
Somehow AD Rob Spear gets blamed.

Surprise: Robb Akey getting supportive emails [Murph's Turf]
Supportive emails asking if he's interested in V1@gr@, most likely.

Moore by the numbers [Dave's Blog]
Southorn breaks out the calculator to detail Moore's potential.

Straight-to-DVD Prosser documentary [Dave's Blog]
Can a Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada documentary featuring Jon Gott be far behind?

Interview with BSU basketball coach Greg Graham []
Despite Graham's best intentions not for it to be an interview.

Fresno fans continue being being Fresno fans [Bulldog Bounce]
Jealous of our success, as usual.

WAC roundup: No Shiloh Keo for Vandals [Statesman]
That's what walk-on junior safeties are for!

Ian Johnson news conference audio [Statesman]
Warning: opens straight into audio player. This was unfortunate since we were at work.

Powers brings new attitude to BSU secondary [Press-Tribune]
We preferred Marty Tadman's attitude, but that's neither here nor there.