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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/23

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There is quite a firestorm of Boise State "dirty play" talk going on following the Oregon game. We might have to get all introspective on this topic and post our thoughts today or tomorrow. Our initial reaction: Oregon fans are wrong, we are right. But then again, that is our initial reaction to most everything.

Today's links:

Please stop talking about the BCS, everybody [Statesman]
You're making life hard on Coach Pete.

More praise for Mike T. Williams [Murph's Turf]
Statesman sees the same plays we saw, only two days later.

The Broncos matter again [Dr. Saturday]
We never thought so many people could forget the Fiesta Bowl so quickly.

Staff cuts at the Statesman include reporters [Boise Weekly]
Good thing Brian Murphy and Chadd Cripe are untouchable.

Broncos named Fiesta Bowl team of the week [BroncoSports]
In an obvious sign of foreshadowing, we hope.

Vote Kellen Moore for national player of the week [USA Today]
Everyone's doing it! Give in to the peer pressure.

Coach Pete press conference audio [Bronco Beat]
We like to listen to ours right before we fall asleep so that we dream of football.

Idaho and Fresno State beat up after last week [Press-Tribune]
Not that it will really make that much difference to Idaho.

Coach Pete addresses dirty play [Statesman]
Basically, Jeron Johnson is not dirty, but Ellis Powers might be.

Reggie Larry returns to USA to play b-ball [Statesman]
The D-League is like the American dream, only with far more Fort Worth.

Entertaining reaction from an Oregon fan [Duck Sports Network]
We applaud him for not calling for Ellis Powers' head on a spike.