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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/2

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Anyone catch the UCLA-Tennessee game last night? Rick Neuheisel might get that program turned around faster than we think. Plus, any time a Pac-10 team can beat an SEC team, that just gives more ammunition for us West Coasters in our battle against the East Coast bias. Equality 1, Bias 0.

Here are today's links:

Watch the complete Boise State-Idaho State game online [BroncoSports]
Sort of like watching King of Queens reruns.

Fresno State wins, but only because someone had to [Yahoo!]
It wasn't pretty, but the Bulldogs beat Rutgers, providing more reason for overexposure.

Utah State already 35-point underdogs to Oregon [KVNU]
And you thought Idaho-Arizona was bad.

Bart Hendricks approves of Kellen Moore [ISZ]
We imagine he also anointed his head with oil.

Offensive line gets a pat on the back [Press-Tribune]
Way to not be dominated by a Division I-AA defensive line. Kudos.

Bowling Green will not sneak up on Coach Pete [Press-Tribune]
A receding hairline, though? Maybe.

Boise State's actual players of the week [Statesman]
As chosen by Boise State, rather than uneducated us.

Broncos' post-game report card [Statesman]
It helps when you're grading on a curve.

Washington message boards talk up Coach Pete []
OBNUG becomes the jealous boyfriend.

Kyle Wilson featured in hometown New Jersey paper []
We particularly liked the part of the story where they refer to BSU as "nationally ranked."