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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/19

Kevan has obligations with his "real job" today so I, Nick, am left at the helm. He's left a slew of posts behind so we're going to be putting them up lightning round style today. Grab the hand of the nearest Bronco fan and hold tight. We'll get through this together.

No surprise here: Graham Watson picks Broncos to lose [ESPN]
She's not even trying to appease us any more.

Linebackers to be under the gun on Saturday [Murph's Turf]
Under Brian Murphy's gun at least.

The "ambi-tackle" is our new favorite nickname [Bronco Beat]
Give Matt Slater a star. He earned it with that one.

Oregon papers creating anti-bulletin board material [Oregonian]
We appreciate the respect, but we'd really prefer a chip on our shoulder.

BSU and Oregon could have been long lost brothers [ArbiterOnline]
Long lost brothers who needed to beat each other in order to get ahead in life.

Jadon Dailey will have plenty more chances to say "trickeration" [Oregonian]
And Bob Behler will have plenty more chances to mess up Bronco history.

A Preview from the opponent and our betting partner this week [Addicted to Quack]
We're still waiting for part 2

Bill Stewart, you let us down [EDSBS]
Things we can do without? Dan Hawkins outcoaching someone else

Jason Says: Kellen Moore will be rattled [Portland-Tribune]
Jason doesn't realize that Kellen Moore doesn't feel pressure