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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/18

No time for chit-chat. Onto the links:

Copycat college steals Broncos' blue field [Scott Slant]
We're curious what the Blue Turf Towel guy thinks of all this.

Jeron Johnson's ego is not scared of Oregon's speed [Bronco Beat]
Coach Pete's ego, however, is plenty scared.

Utah State vs. Idaho earns Pillow Fight of the Week status [ESPN]
Perhaps both teams will stay after for a sleepover and talk about boys.

WAC officials are just as incompetent as we thought [ESPN]
Now with indisputable replay evidence of the fact.

Computers say Boise State will lose [What If Sports]
What do computers know anyway? We mean, besides all our personal information.

Oregon's secondary is rather stout [Press-Tribune]
Good thing Kellen Moore is rather awesome.

Jeron Johnson: the next great American safety [Statesman]
We haven't read a feature like this in a long time.

Rival blog already making plans for its win [Addicted to Quack]
If it were to happen, we suggest a story about things to do in Eugene.

Autzen sounds terrifying [Statesman]
We Bronco fans might be more scared than the players.

Oregon newspaper columnist picks Broncos to win [Oregonlive]
He's like the Brian Murphy of the Oregonian.

Fresno State still hung up on this anyone, anywhere thing [Fresno Bee]
Add Illinois to the list of teams ready to ruin Bulldogs' BCS chances.

Vandals change cheerleader unis due to prude outcry [Statue Left]
Idaho's taste level is still living in the 1950s, too.

Preview of Oregon vs. BSU [Fight Fight BSU]
A veritable Cliff's Notes for Saturday's game.