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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/17

Last night, we joined our fellow Bronco bloggers for a long overdue podcast session in which we shot the breeze about Bowling Green, Oregon, and a host of other topics. And yes, we mentioned Marty Tadman. Take a listen here.

Lots to talk about today and the next couple days about the Oregon game, so be sure to take plenty of manager-approved breaks throughout the day. Here are today's links:

It was only a matter of time before someone started this website []
And don't forget to join the Facebook group!

Ian Johnson could have been a Duck [Bronco Beat]
If Oregon coach Mike Bellotti had wanted him.

Oregon coach Mike Bellotti did want Coach Pete [Dave's Blog]
Coach Pete, apparently, preferred national fame and local hero worship.

Ducks still considering a China game [Register-Guard]
Just not sure who's involved or when it will be played. Minor details.

Masoli might start for the Ducks...unless he doesn't [ESPN]
Really, nobody has a clue.

Oregon looks fast on tape [Press-Tribune]
Broncos look young.

More on Oregon's quarterback situation [Statesman]
With the snobbery you've come to know and love from the Statesman.

Beating San Diego State does not a contender make [Statesman]
Yet San Jose State continues to get the praise. Dick Tomey is a miracle worker.

Finally an Oregon preview we can get behind [BNN]
JT Ray smells upset. We smell vindication!

Fresno Bee pins unnecessary responsibility on Boise State [Fresno Bee]
Picking up the slack for another disappointing Bulldog season. What's new?