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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/15

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The consensus following the Broncos' victory over Bowling Green seems to be "they'll need to play a whole lot better to beat Oregon." Well, obviously. They'll need to have a nearly perfect game to beat the Ducks in Eugene, and a perfect game is entirely possible from this Boise State team. We'll have much more on the Broncos' chances this Saturday, but first today's links look back at the Bowling Green win and the valley's new love affair with the defense:

Official game recap from the AP []
We would have preferred the totally slanted Bronco athletics recap.

Will Hoenike's game thoughts [ISZ]
Aw, he thinks people still care about the Vandals. That's adorable.

Bronco defense key to victory against Bowling Green [Press-Tribune]
Wait, we thought Kellen Moore was supposed to get credit for everything good that happens on any football field anywhere.

Phil Dailey reverses field on Bronco offense [Press-Tribune]
We're only slightly surprised he wasn't calling for Bush Hamdan to start next week.

The miraculous recovery of Kellen Moore's arm band playsheet [Press-Tribune]
Bowling Green strips the band, returns it to Bronco bench. Would Fresno have done the same?

Statesman has harsh grades for Bronco offense [Statesman]
But they were doing so well at midterms!

Defense, defense, defense, and anecdotal leads [Statesman]
Taking out Bowling Green quarterbacks was a Bronco specialty.

Oh, was the offense bad for awhile? [Murph's Turf]
Piling on!

Dustin Lapray's game blog only lasts three quarters [BSU Blog]
The Bowling Green offense probably put him to sleep.

Dave Southorn finds Daryn Colledge in his TV [Dave's Blog]
A singing spokesperson for State Farm; Colledge has arrived.