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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/12

Anyone watch the North Carolina - Rutgers game last night? Fortunately, I didn't, but I did see the final score. And I did not see that coming. A 44-12 North Carolina win. Interesting. Now the question has to be asked: Does anyone know how good Fresno State is? If the Bulldogs struggled to beat the Scarlet Knights, maybe Fresno is not as good as everyone's making them out to be. Just a non-objective thought.

We've got some more good stuff on tomorrow's game, including our sure-to-be-wrong game prediction. In the meantime, here are today's links:

Falcons might need to gameplan the blue turf [Toledo Blade]
Richie Brockel would be jealous.

A 49-14 Boise State win? Sounds good to us [Sports Network]
This website obviously knows what it's talking about.

New D.C. Bowl to be called EagleBank []
Free checking accounts to the first 10,000 people in the door.

Graham Watson loves Boise State 24-points much []
Biting. Tongue.

Brian Murphy envies Fresno's schedule [Murph's Turf]
Yes, it seems to have worked pretty well for them the last few years, right?

OBNUG answers BSU questions over at FalconBlog [FalconBlog]
Surprisingly enough, he did not ask us about Dairy Queen or Marty Tadman.

Bronco game notes from the Criper [Statesman]
Injury updates and fragmented sentences. What can't Chadd do?

College football arguing flowchart [Wizard of Odds]
This could come in handy for Bowling Green fans on Saturday.

Deonte Jackson's back is more pampered than we are [Times-News]
Can you get hydrotherapy for blogger's carpal tunnel?

Will Hoenike's game preview [ISZ]
Spoken like a true former local TV sports director.

Bowling Green jumps on Kellen Moore bandwagon [BG News]
Why not? It's got air conditioning.