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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/11

We're starting to think that Graham Watson is the Erin Andrews of this site - every time we post about her, it gets people talking. Although, to be fair, they are pretty much not alike in any other sense of the word, and that may be the only time you ever see us use their names in the same sentence again.

Here are today's links:

Abe Jackson to do color commentary for Bronco basketball radio [Idaho Radio News]
You might remember him as a former BSU b-ball star. We just plain don't remember him.

Diyral Briggs is Bowling Green's scariest defender [Press-Tribune]
Fortunately, Kellen Moore does not feel fear.

A better explanation behind Tevis' drop on the depth chart [Statesman]
Those Boise State coaches sure know what they're talking about.

Utah State is the only WAC team on ESPN's Bottom 10 []
Proving once again that ESPN does not understand how the WAC works.

David Vobora now more irrelevant than before [Murph's Turf]
We always felt that he seem destined to be a career practice squad player.

Is having a small carbon footprint as important as beating Oregon? [Statesman]
These are the tough questions the Statesman never asks.

Bowling Green website links to story on BSU freshmen [BG News]
Only one question: Who's Aaron Revis?

East Carolina coach seeks help from Coach Pete [Salt Lake Tribune]
Probably not related to Hawaii Bowl advice.

Ole Miss and Fresno State to face one another [Parrish Alford]
Houston Nutt must really dislike Pat Hill.

Pat Forde cautiously reserves space on Broncos' bandwagon []
Not to mention, piles on late with the Idaho pants logo fiasco.

Dave Southorn is tired of waiting [Dave's Blog]
Give him his football and get out of his way!