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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/10

Is it just us, or does Bowling Green week feel much different than Idaho State week? There are more stories, more strategy, and more debate on any number of different topics. It makes us so happy!

We'll be trotting out some of our own stories, strategy, and debate later today and the next couple of days, leading up to Saturday's big game (6:00pm, Bronco Stadium). In the meantime, here are today's links:

Tyler Shoemaker to resurrect the "Shooooo" cheer [Press-Tribune]
Not to be confused with the Robb Akey "Boooo."

Ian Johnson's take on non-BCS schools [Dave's blog]
The spread offense is the great equalizer, right New Mexico State?

Bowling Green's Anthony Turner is the new Slash [Statesman]
And so far without the disappointing Kordell Stewart career swoon.

Idaho looking to start a winning streak on Saturday [Statesman]
Perhaps scoring against a Division I-A team should be first on their list.

Bowling Green at a glance [Statesman]
Still trying to get out of Urban Meyer's shadow it seems.

Dustin Lapray's blog is back [BSU Blog]
Now with more quotes and fewer big words!

New Bronco blogger podcast is available for download [BNN]
With us not being present, the podcast sure sounds more polished and less prepubescent.

Expect the unexpected from Bowling Green on Saturday [Bronco Beat]
Falcons have three quarterbacks who take snaps. Bush Hamdan is jealous.

Vote, vote, vote for Buster Bronco [Capital One Bowl]
No one wants the Capital One Bowl Mascot Challenge more than he/she/it does.

Lippincott to seek medical redshirt [Gazette-Journal]
At the same time, Kaepernick seeks a world where opponents don't drop eight.

Coach Pete to Syracuse? We're not buying it []
But it does make us just a little nervous, in a Dan Hawkins sort of way.