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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/1

Happy Labor Day, everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying celebrating whatever it is that Labor Day celebrates. We'll assume it celebrates Boise State football, mostly because that's what we plan on doing all day anyway.

Much, much more on the Boise State victory throughout the day. Stop by the computer every now and then to see what's up. Here are today's links:

Press-Tribune game recap...with headline puns! [Press-Tribune]
If we don't mention the run defense, then no one has to know.

The Statesman's game recap...with single-word sentences! [Statesman]
Oh, did Kellen Moore have a good game? We hadn't heard.

BroncoSports photo gallery of the game []
Say good-bye, flying toasters screensaver.

Video of Titus Young's TD catch []
Video of Titus Young's fumbles not available.

Game notes from the Broncos' most flamboyant reporter [BSU Blog]
It wouldn't be a BSU event without Dustin Lapray oversharing.

Extensive game notes minus the stuffy newsiness [Statue Left]
Derrell Acrey may have dinner at Statue Left's house any time.

Pre-game video intro for Broncos [Fight Fight BSU]
We will watch anything that prominently features Doug Martin.

Make room for Phil Dailey on the Kellen Moore bandwagon [Press-Tribune]
There's an open seat next to Chadd Cripe.

Postgame press conference audio [Press-Tribune]

Dave Southorn's final notes [Dave's Blog]

Jerard Rabb does not survive roster cuts [Statesman]

Quick WAC news:

Hawaii re-opens QB competition [Warriors Will Throw]
Timmy Chang invited to participate.

NMSU's opener postponed [Bleed Crimson]
Due to lack of interest, most likely.