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Morning paper: Boise State football links 9/16

Good news on the Bronco recruiting circuit today as WR Kirby Moore, little brother of Kellen Moore, has committed to play for the Broncos. We'll have a post up later this morning about it, but we thought we'd spoil the surprise by announcing it now.

Today's links:

Coach Pete can't pinpoint Bronco offense's struggles [Bronco Beat]
Just please don't bring back the "Q." We don't know if we could handle that.

Acrey's ankle on the fence for Oregon [Dave's Blog]
Coach Pete says there's a 50/50 chance he'll play and a 50/50 chance Bronco fans should be very concerned.

The WAC picked 10th out of 11 conferences []
It's like picking teams in high school gym class all over again.

Boise State's depth chart versus Oregon []
Don't worry, we already submitted ours to a 24-hour prayer line.

Broncos still a BCS Buster [College Football]
For five more days at least.

Boise State vs. Oregon preview [Bleacher Report]
You had us right up until the final score prediction.

Brent Guy listens to voice of reason, starts Borel [Press-Tribune]
Voice of reason also telling Guy to get out while he can.

We assume Phil Dailey is not a fan of our Top 26 poll [Bottom Line]
We also assume he did not enjoy our voting for Arkansas State last week.

Bowl-bound San Jose State? Let's not get ahead of ourselves [Mercury News]
Oops, too late it appears.

Tyler Graunke's hand not seriously hurt [Warriors Will Throw]
McMackin's coaching aura, however, will miss two to four weeks.