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Morning paper: Boise State football 9/29

LaTech coverage is in full swing as the Bulldogs and Broncos get set to square off on Wednesday night (6:00pm, ESPN). We're wavering between being scared of LaTech due to history or not being scared of LaTech due to pass defense. We'll probably open that conversation later this week.

Here are today's links:

Ian Johnson saves his best for when people are looking [Bronco Beat]
The bright lights of KTVB just don't do it for him.

Febis has arthroscopic knee surgery, will miss two weeks [Bronco Beat]
We were even more concerned for a moment because we confused Tevis with Febis. We're good now.

BYU and Hawaii to play in 2012 [Warriors Will Throw]
Tyler Graunke is already "questionable" with a hand injury.

Audio of Coach Pete's press conference from Friday [Dave's Blog]
He discusses, among other things, the return of Taylor Bennett to Boise.

Taylor Bennett's back, in case you hadn't heard [Press-Tribune]
Apparently he used to be a Boise State recruit or something like that.

Oh, and Taylor Bennett will be facing the Broncos [Statesman]
LaTech is obviously not that interesting.

Projet Broncos: Wednesday's color scheme revealed [Dave's Blog]
Our advice: bring both a blue and an orange shirt and just where whatever everyone else is wearing around you.

Two walk-ons join roster [Dave's Blog]
Boise State's running back depth gets even deeper.

Arbiter takes on cheerleader uniforms with college journalism flair [ArbiterOnline]
"How short is too short?" Is this a cheerleader uniform essay or a Vandal offense expose?

LaTech not so good against the pass [Press-Tribune]
Yeah, that will probably be a problem against Kellen Moore.

Statesman's preview of LaTech [Statesman]
Something about Taylor Bennett, we think.

Interesting feature on cousins Powers and Childs [Statesman]
They do everything together, including possibly term papers.

No more fourth quarter scares, please [Statesman]
We'll take our blowout and be happy.