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Morning paper: Boise State football 9/22

Happy Monday, Bronco fans. And what a wonderful Monday it is. We've started breathing regularly again following Boise State's win over the weekend, and we'll be bringing you all sorts of reaction today and throughout the rest of the week. Let's get started with what other people are saying in today's links.

Dave Southorn predicts WAC player of the week for Moore [Dave's Blog]
Oh yeah? Well we'll predict WAC player of the year at the rate he's going.

Dustin Lapray might not have been watching the same game [BSU Blog]
Also, no updates on what kind of bandannas are available in Eugene.

Coach Pete's reaction one day later [Bronco Beat]
Interesting take on Jeron Johnson's ejection.

As mentioned yesterday, BSU very much into the polls [BroncoSports]
BYU and Utah should be getting very nervous.

Kellen Moore is the greatest player in America [BroncoSports]
For this week anyway.

We are not alone in our Mike T. Williams praise [ISZ]
Glad to know Will Hoenike knows how to watch football, too.

Statesman gives Broncos good grades [Statesman]
If only there were a way to get better than an "A."

As we pointed out yesterday, that old BSU offense was back [Statesman]
And it was glorious.

New Bronco team has their own history to make [Statesman]
Good for BSU's seniors and youngsters doing a first in team history.

Now it's either H-Bowl or Rose Bowl for Broncos [ESPN]
Seriously, was Mark Schlabach out of town on Saturday or what?

Phil Dailey didn't give Broncos much of a chance [Press-Tribune]
Probably because Bush Hamdan wasn't playing.

Oh, but now he's on board [Press-Tribune]
That didn't take long.