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Let's get commenting: Week Two's open thread

Even though there's no Boise State football this weekend, we don't think for a second that you readers aren't going to be drinking in other college football action. That's what Saturdays are for, right?

As such, feel free to use this post for all your comments, insights, questions, and rants. We'll be checking throughout the day to see what you've got to say. Bonus: First one to see Charlie Weis mismanage a personnel package could win a prize!

FYI: The Idaho State - Idaho game is on at 3:00pm this afternoon. If you have satellite, you can find it on Dish Network, channel 410 or DirecTV, channel 681, or you can get it on the radio at 1140 KGEM. We prefer following along on the constantly refreshing ESPN box score.

See you around the comments, Bronco fans.