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Kirby Moore commits to Broncos, Kellen approves

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Kirby Moore, a record-setting receiver at Prosser High School and brother of the future of Boise State football, gave his verbal commitment to play for the Broncos yesterday. Cue the headline pun machine!

  • One Moore verbal commitment

  • Moore to come

  • There's Moore of them?

  • Please, sir, could I have some Moore?

  • There's Moore where that came from

Apart from setting off a firestorm of groan-inducing plays on words, Moore's commitment is actually a very big deal for the Boise State football program. Truth be told, Kirby himself is actually quite a big deal. Check it out:
But it just wouldn't be Prosser if there weren't some freakish numbers involved, and Moore has them. This fall, with his quarterback returning to assist in the ascent, he has a clear shot at breaking the national prep record for career receiving touchdowns. His 61 touchdowns are 23 from surpassing the mark.

We don't mean to put words in anyone's mouth, but it sounds to us like Boise State just recruited the greatest receiver in the history of high school football. Pardon our hyperbole.

Kirby's numbers had several big schools beating down his door. Both Washington universities - UW and Washington State - had offered, as well as Stanford and Oregon State among others. Can you blame them? In addition to his video game numbers, Moore is 6'3", runs a 4.6 40-yard dash, and (more hyperbole alert!) is one of the most polished 18-year-old receivers the world has ever known.

And now he belongs to the Broncos.

What sold Kirby on attending was the chance to play college ball with his big bro Kellen. And not even the Broncos' second half offense against Bowling Green could scare him away.

Moore committed Saturday while visiting for the Bowling Green game.

"I really wanted to play with my brother in college," Moore said. "I really thought I’d regret it if I didn’t. Being down there at the games made me really want to do it."
With Moore in the fold, that brings Boise State's verbal list to an even baker's dozen, and it gives the Broncos a pretty killer offense for the next five years or so. Kirby should see the field with Titus Young and Austin Pettis during what should be one of the Broncos' national championship-defending seasons. There we go with the hyperbole again.

We're thrilled to have Kirby as part of the Bronco team (in case you couldn't tell, he's named after our favorite Nintendo character), and we look forward to seeing what kind of numbers the Moore brothers can put up when they're on the field together. If it's anything like what they were able to do in high school, then Bronco fans will be in for a treat.

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