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John L. Smith skeeving his way back into BSU's life

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John L. Smith, the winningest coach in Vandals history and an undeniable scab, could be worming his way back under the skin of Bronco fans very soon.

We are not old enough to remember much detail about Smith and his Vandal teams, but we do vividly remember the disdain with which Bronco fans spoke his name. And then there was the whole telling his Louisville team at halftime of their bowl game that he was taking a job at Michigan State. That didn't speak well for his character.

Smith was spotted at the Utah State - Utah game over the weekend, and speculation just kind of took off from there.

The former Michigan State coach is living off his contract buyout and working as a volunteer assistant at Louisville. After the Aggies' 58-10 loss to Utah, it's not hard to figure where Smith's trip to Logan might lead.

To be fair, there were probably quite a few people in the stands on Saturday who could do a better job coaching than Brent Guy. Smith has history with the school, though; he was the Aggies' head coach for three years in the '90s. Why anyone would want to return to Utah State is beyond us?

Having John L. in the WAC would actually be a lot of fun. The conference feels like a retirement villa for recognizable coaches who can't hack it with the big boys any longer. Hal Mumme, anyone? John L. would fit in perfectly.

We wonder what our tempestuous Utah State friend has to say about all this?

It really doesn’t matter what Brent Guy has to say anymore…it doesn’t matter which "quarter" he thinks the team lost the game in, it doesn’t matter how he rotates the quarterbacks in and out, it doesn’t matter that he believes his kids are at "Ground Zero", that his football program reminds him of the Twin Towers coming down and it doesn’t matter that he has apparently tried to bring in really good kids, solid Eagle Scouts, to build his football program with; you cannot be a student of the game of football, or even a fan, and not tell me that there isn’t a better candidate to move the USU football in a different direction.

But tell us how you really feel.

It appears that the ousting of Brent Guy is more a matter of when than if, and John L. Smith could be roaming the Aggie sidelines before we know it.

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