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It's alive! Boise State-Bowling Green official live-blog

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Welcome to the official OBNUG live-blog! Refresh this page for constant updates, and feel free to leave comments throughout. Enjoy!

David Augusto just said that Titus Young is suspended from this game for breaking team rules. Looks like he won't be fumbling tonight, at least. Jeremy Childs will certainly have a lot more balls thrown his way, but I kind of felt that Kellen Moore was getting some chemistry with Young. If anything it helps Bowling Green.

Mark Johnson just called Coach Pete "the man in this mission." What in the world does that mean?

**********First Quarter

14:00: Bowling Green received. There sure is a lot of room in the middle of that Bronco D-Line. Ryan Winterwsyk is there, but those holes up the middle are huge.

13:03: Oh good, there are WAC officials doing the game. That should come in handy later.

11:45: Derrell Acrey just hobbled off after Bowling Green picked up another first down.

9:25: Upright for MVP! Boise State avoids falling down early thanks to a great save by the upright on the Falcons' field goal attempt. Still, BG had some good momentum on the drive. They might be able to run at will this game.

7:00: Jeremy Avery already has two carries, and it looks like the Broncos will try to establish the run more tonight. Is it because Nate Potter is back? Is it because Chrissy Popadics got to the Bronco coaches?

4:55: Could Mark Johnson use any more enthusiasm in saying Kellen Moore's name? My goodness, it sounds like he's falling out of his announcing chair every time Moore comes up in conversation.

4:30: What a great call for a middle screen. Third and five, and it looks like Bowling Green expected nothing. First and goal. I love being a Broncos fan.

6 , 0

Touchdown Broncos! Kellen Moore takes it in from 1-yard out. Tom Scott exuberant in pointing out it is Moore's first career touchdown.

Broncos went for two off a trick formation and didn't get it. I'm okay with that. They did it based on what the defense was showing them, but suffice to say, Kyle Brotzman will not be pressing any running backs for playing time in the foreseeable future.

3:33: Derrell Acrey's back on the field, looking awesome and limpy.

2:27: Thoughts on Ryan Winterswyk? I don't think he looks 100 percent, which he might not be. He's kind of hesitant. I do not expect KTVB to mention this.

1:20: I didn't know Brandyn Thompson was a hitter, but man did he put the screws on Anthony Turner. I'm no doctor, but I imagine Turner has a dislocated shoulder. Or gout. Like I said, I'm no doctor.

<!--more-->************Second Quarter

Thoughts on the first quarter: I don't see Bowling Green stopping the Boise State offense at any point this game. It will have to be a shootout for the Falcons to have a chance. The Broncos have adjusted to slow the BG running game; that's a good sign. But Boise State has only had the ball once so far; that's not fair.

14:00: The Bronco defense holds and Bowling Green punts...inside the BSU five yard line. Kellen Moore has them right where he wants them!

12:35: I thought I could not love Kellen Moore any more than I already do. I was wrong.

10:55: Moore-to-O'Neill is pretty fun to watch. Then again, so is Moore-to-Childs.

13 , 0

Touchdown Broncos! Ian Johnson takes it in from 1-yard out. Let's hear it for short touchdown runs. The Bowling Green game's highlight reel is going to be awesome!

That 98-yard drive was something else. Great passing by Kellen Moore and good play-calling once again. That inside reverse to Jeremy Avery in the red zone was special.

On an entirely different note: did anyone else notice Bush Hamdan's farmer tan? That thing was stark.

8:44: Lame roughing the passer call on Jarrell Root. Are these WAC officials from Reno? It keeps the BG drive alive, but poor blocking and route-running should cancel that out quickly enough.

7:00: Bowling Green's Freddie Barnes seems like a good player.

6:29: Bowling Green's Chris Wright does not. Dropping a touchdown pass = DUAN!

5:00: Not that it might matter tonight, but the fact that the Bronco defense has a hard time getting off the field might hurt them down the road. If one of Boise State's first two possessions hadn't been so remarkably great, this game would feel a lot closer than it does. And yes, I was thinking about Oregon when I wrote this.

4:52: Wide left on the Bowling Green field goal. I never trust a Serbian kicker.

4:00: Lots of room to run for Ian Johnson. We even got to see the year's first Johnson head-down sprint!

20 , 0

Touchdown Broncos! That was fast. Johnson caps the drive with his second TD run of the night. Given Bowling Green's missed opportunities, the score has to be discouraging.

2:00: Derrell Acrey in a walking boot on the sideline is not a good thing. Especially not with Oregon looming. We would give you an update on his injury status, but David Augusto apparently has more important things to do.

1:08: Sure is good to see freshmen making a difference. George Iloka, Kyle Efaw, and that Moore kid.

0:20: Ellis Powers sure has had a good game. He just got a sack on Sheehan, but he's been pretty solid at safety, too.


Thoughts on the first half: I can't say that I expected a 20-0 score, that's for sure. I thought the Bowling Green offense would be more explosive, and they have not been. The Broncos, meanwhile, have dodged some bullets, but overall they are playing well, especially the offense. Kellen Moore is amazing, and the running game is clicking. No complaints there.

Like Nick said in the comments, all that Bowling Green does with non-Sheehan players at quarterback is run the ball. The Broncos should be able to key on that. The only BG player who scares me is Freddie Barnes, but it might be too late in the game for him to change anything.

If Boise State scores a touchdown on its first possession of the 2nd half, I will do my best Billy Packer and call this game "over."

13:08: Austin Pettis IS the new Titus Young. Pettis' fumble completely let the Falcons off the hook. This game was about to get out of hand.

12:31: Kyle Wilson with a solid pass defensed. Haven't heard much from him this game...but only because he is completely locking down his guy. I'd be fine not hearing his name the rest of the night.

11:40: Did you see that block on that punt return? Incredible. No replays of it, of course, but it looked incredible and painful.

Ian Johnson roughed the punter, so BG keeps the ball. Lucky.

10:39: Hey, a second-half Bowling Green fumble! It's about time! Great play by Ellis Powers to strip the ball. It looked like Jeron Johnson fell on it; could I get anyone from KTVB to confirm that? No? Okay.

9:05: Penalties pretty much killed that drive for the Broncos. Here's what I'd like to see: Kellen Moore going deep a little more. I understand that Titus Young isn't playing, but you'd think that the Broncos could be able to set up something with play action. Maybe BG is taking away anything deep and just giving up the short stuff. Seems probable, but I'm sure the Broncos could work around it.

7:30: Like I said at halftime, Freddie Barnes is all Bowling Green has going for them. (Thinking out loud: Is Anthony Turner out for the game? I haven't heard his name in forever.)

4:28: Brandyn Thompson: A+, Kyle Wilson: A+, Ellis Powers: A+, Jeron Johnson: A+. What a great secondary tonight. I'm sure BG is better at passing than this, so I'm going to give the credit to our defensive backfield.

Vinny Perretta might not want to field punts inside the five any more. Oh well, the last time the Broncos were backed up, things turned out okay.

2:21: That was pass interference on the third down incomplete pass. Just in case the refs wanted to call it or anything. Instead, we get a Broncos punt and possibly an injured Bronco. David Augusto will have an update on Wednesday-ish.

1:00: Freddie Barnes looks to be injured.

0:44: Just a little bit of obvious holding on Jason Robinson that went uncalled by the refs. I'm starting to think that WAC officials are hurting more than they're helping.

**********Fourth Quarter

Thoughts on the third quarter: The Broncos are kind of letting Bowling Green hang around. It seems like they've lost their motivation on offense - penalties, turnovers, field position. The defense is playing well, but they sure have been on the field a lot. I hope that doesn't come back to haunt them in the fourth quarter.

Here's the thing, though: BG's Tyler Sheehan can't pass. At all. If Freddie Barnes is out, this game is in the books. Boise State should be able to control some clock with the running game, tack on some more points, and put it away.

13:47: Buster Bronco's mouth makes him look like he's constantly surprised. "What?! There's hay hidden somewhere inside the Stueckle Sky Club? Neigh yes!"

13:37: Hey, another bad call. How about that.

12:00: Goal-line stand time. The Falcons have third down at the 1 and just used a timeout. You have to think that they still have two more shots at it. I smell play-action gone horribly wrong. Anyone else?

20 , 7

Touchdown Falcons. A sneaky little end-around pass (not from Sheehan, of course) from Barnes to some tight end we don't care to look up. This thing's not over yet, unfortunately. We've got places to be!

9:45: Mark Johnson just called a screen pass a reverse. And the refs missed a blatant facemask. In other words, nothing new to update here.

8:15: Another fruitless second-half drive for the Broncos. This one was interesting because there were no running plays called on the drive - a drive that the team really needed. Does that say more to the team's confidence in Moore or to the ability of the O-line to run block or simply to the circumstances of the drive (a fumbled snap, sacks, etc.)?

8:00: Thanks for nothing, Brad Elkin. That punt was HORRIBLE. Good thing it takes Bowling Green seven minutes to move the ball anywhere.

6:15: Fourth down for the Falcons at midfield. I won't worry about this game slipping away until Bowling Green shows that it can strike quickly somehow. They have had room on this drive up the middle, but the Bronco linebackers and defensive ends have done a great job string things out wide. It will be interesting to see what they call here.

5:30: Drat. First down.

5:08: FUMBLE!!!!!! Sounds like Billy Winn forced it on a Bean draw play, and Jeron Johnson recovered it.

And they decide to put the game in the hands of the referees. Perfect. Instant replay is just what the Broncos didn't need.

Broncos keep the ball! Thank goodness for those shoddy KTVB camera angles.

2:36: The Broncos did their best to run the clock out, but like everything else for the "O" in the second half, it fails. Bowling Green has 80 yards to go and not nearly enough time to do it in.

Bowling Green certainly hasn't lit up the Bronco secondary, so you have to feel good about the Broncos chances at this point. Of course, they're not covering the spread, so sorry to all you degenerate gamblers watching thing.

2:00: Big play down field for the Falcons plus a cheap roughing the passer call equals concern.

1:24: INTERCEPTION! Kyle Wilson! A bad pass from Sheehan results in the pick. That should put this one to bed. Thankfully.


20 , 7

We'll post some final thoughts in a bit, but for now let's just call this win ugly...but a win!