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Injury update: Perretta blogs, must be okay

Bronco Nation, you can stop worrying about the health status of Vinny Perretta. He's blogging, so everything must be fine.

Hey everybody. We had a very big win this past Saturday against #17 Oregon, 37-32. We knew that this game was going to be a very good challenge for us, and we are happy to get out of Autzen stadium with a "W."

Perretta fell hard on his neck after a tough catch against Oregon. He was lying flat on the field for several minutes before walking off on his own power, but with his spotty injury history, Bronco fans like us were still worried. Thankfully, Perretta's blog on helped assuage our fears because we know full well just how healthy and clear-headed you must be to write a blog post. Hmm, on second thought, we might wait until the injury report comes out before we completely stop worrying.

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A big win against Oregon! []