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Idaho cheerleaders not fat, just big-boned

There has been much written about the Idaho Vandals cheerleader uniform issue, but for those of you not in the know, let's recap: Vandal cheerleaders wear skimpy, Bavarian outfits; conservatives and Robb Akey's wife complain; school overreacts, bans skimpy uniforms, and orders more moderate replacements. Oh, and somewhere in there the Vandals lost three games, too.

But what has been made out to be a laughing matter at the expense of Moscow's intolerance of midriffs and curves might not be about the sensuality of the girls at all. In fact, it might be quite the opposite.

The previous uniforms didn't flatter every member of the team, and some girls said their outfits were uncomfortable, spirit squad adviser Shelly Robson said.

"Girls are just bigger these days, not everybody's a size zero," Robson said. "We're not being a bunch of prudes."
No, but it sounds like they are seriously lowering their standards at spirit squad tryouts.

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