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Graham Watson believes in us, and not vice versa

Graham Watson's "Independents & Others" blog has existed for, oh, about two or three months, and we are already in the business of second-guessing every word she says. Boy, did she give us some ammunition this weekend.

Watson was either at the Boise State - Oregon game or semi-live-blogging as if she were, and the 180-degree pirouette she did on her Bronco stance was fascinating to watch. On Thursday, she gave the following prediction:

Oregon 34, Boise State 28: I know, I know. I'm always down on the Broncos, but come on, there are way too many variables in this game to like the Broncos' chances. First, the Broncos are young and they're going into a hostile environment. Second, they're going against two quarterbacks who have played sparingly and bring two different styles to the table. Third, the Broncos have never won a true road game against a BCS team. I think they play with Oregon, but I think the variables are too much to overcome.

Then, during her occasional in-game blogging, she starting throwing out lines like this.

Honestly, if you didn't know which team was ranked in this game, you might think Boise State was in the Top 15. That's how crisp the Broncos have been and how owned Oregon has looked.

By the end of the game, Watson was a believer in the Broncos and saying things like "there's not enough praise available to heap on Kellen Moore." Gag. We just threw up in our mouths a little.

Here's the problem with Graham Watson: she wants to be everyone's friend. Real football fans like Bronco Nation and any other of the 53 non-BCS teams she covers can see right through this. From week to week, she'll pick gads of non-BCS teams to pull upsets simply because she knows these teams' fans read her website. She has nothing to lose by picking them and everything to gain.

That's why she is useless to us now. She was willingly giving every other team hope on Saturday (UCF? FAU?) except for the Broncos, so we see no reason why we should let her join our cause. In fact, we are prepared to fight back against Watson's flip-flopping. We've created a Facebook group called "Graham Watson, get off our bandwagon!" where you can show your solidarity against her frivolous fandom. Click the big button below to join.

And tell your friends. We want Graham Watson to leave us alone, and we want to send her the message with a bitingly harsh Facebook group.