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Game prediction: Idaho State 27, Idaho 20

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Call it the upset of the year. Call it the launching point for the Idaho State football program. Call it inevitable.

Idaho State will beat Idaho on Saturday.

Normally, we would not be so outspoken and confident about a decision, but normally teams don't lose by 70 points the way the Vandals did. Besides, Idaho State looked downright decent against the Broncos despite the final score.

Now don't get us wrong. When we saw the Vandals' schedule at the start of the year, we were fairly certain this game would be an Idaho win. It was in Moscow, against a Division I-AA team. If the Vandals can't win this one, then they can't win any. Oh, wait, we see how this is ending.

Idaho State will come out fired up, just like they did against the Broncos. Only this time, there will not be world-class athletes and superstar players lining up opposite them. Instead, there will be Nathan Enderle and his Bag O' Bad Decisions. For the Bengals, the running lanes will be wider, the pass defense will be softer, the turnover differential will be more positive, and the atmosphere will be quieter and redneckier. Idaho State will have every chance to win this game, and based on what we saw last week, they will do just that.

Bengals 27, Vandals 20

More predictions:

  • No one will hit Russell Hill hard enough to break his nose.

  • The game will not be a sellout, not with 99-cent banana splits at Sonic.

  • John Zamberlin will outcoach Robb Akey.

  • Ken Cornist will rush for 100 yards; Deonte Jackson won't.

  • ISU RB Clint Knickrehm will score a touchdown or three.

  • Nathan Enderle will not throw an interception...until at least the second possession.

How do you guys think the game will go? Let us know in the comments or in our poll.