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Game prediction: Boise State 44, Bowling Green 24

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Opening week for the Broncos is finally here. What's that? The Broncos already played a game this season? In August? Against a Division I-AA team? Oh, well then they are totally hitting on all cylinders going into this one.

All kidding aside, the fact that Boise State football has been absent from our lives for the past 14 days might be the only bad thing the Broncos have going on Saturday. And just how much it makes a difference will remain to be seen.

We know this: the Broncos can and will score points. Kellen Moore's strengths are such that a climb in competition from I-AA Idaho State to I-A Bowling Green shouldn't affect his production all that much. Plus, Jeremy Childs will be back, Ian Johnson will be awake, and the homecoming crowd will want a blowout.

Personally, we'll just take a win.

The game won't be as close as our final score indicates, but we are fully prepared for some tense moments for the first quarter or so. Then, we can picture Moore blowing the game open with his mythical left arm and Derrell Acrey forcing fumbles like nobody's business. A 10-3 first quarter score should become a 31-10 halftime score which should become a 41-17 third quarter score which should become a 44-24 final. Detailed enough for you?

Here are our other predictions for Saturday:

  • Boise State's screens will be practically indefensible.

  • Jeron Johnson will knock out a quarterback or two.

  • Vinny Perretta will be more involved in the offense.

  • A Bronco player will get seriously injured ... hopefully someone standing on the bench, like a backup kicker. (No offense, Brock Jaramillo.)

  • Titus Young will fumble.

  • The Bronco Stadium "orange-out" will actually make Bowling Green feel sort of at home.

  • BroncoVision will actually work.

Let us know your picks for a final score in the comments.