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Final Score: Boise State 37, (17) Oregon 32

Big win for the Broncos. First win in against a BCS team on the road. It wasn't without it's ups and downs, but it's still a monumental win.

Ok, here are some thoughts after a few hours to process everything. In no particular order:

  • Beyond his physical skills, Kellen Moore has the mental makeup to be a great QB

  • Our running game was anemic

  • It's very good to have Jeremy Childs back

  • Brotzman is going to win us a few games this year

  • Great to see the the aggresivenes of the secondary, however it might need to be reigned in a little as it led to some pass interference calls and an ejection

  • Very, very glad that Darron Thomas did not play the whole game

  • This Oregon team was better than Washington last year and any Oregon State team, in my opinon

  • Great to see Boise State playing with a chip on their shoulder again

Good night and enjoy the rest of you weekend, Bronco fans.