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Final score: Boise State 20, Bowling Green 7

Apologies for the following stream of consciousness, but we're just trying to get out our thoughts while we have them.

Where did the Boise State offense go in the second half? They were not crisp, precise, or effecient. It kind of looked like the first fall scrimmage ... That BSU secondary is something else. Crushing hits, lock-down coverage, and finally forcing some turnovers. Is the difference Ellis Powers? He looked awesome back there, and you almost forgot that Jason Robinson even played for the Broncos since he was so invisible ... Well, the Broncos look like they have the same problems at linebacker that they had last year ... Defensive tackle, too ... It sure was good to have Ryan Winterswyk and Nate Potter back ... Potter seemed to do a very, very good job against Bowling Green star DE Diryal Briggs who was very quiet all night. Let's hope Potter gets the praise he deserves for that ...

Paragraph break!

... That was a well-oiled BSU offensive machine in the first half. Moore was solid, always finding the right receivers. Jeremy Childs looked fine coming off his suspension. Ian Johnson had 90 first-half yards. Let's not forget this when we look back at the game. The Broncos looked very good for a half ... Wonder what Titus Young was suspended for ... Where did you go, Julian Hawkins? ... We are a little concerned about Derrell Acrey's injury, especially headed into the Oregon game. Gingg, Brady, and Dobbs do not make us feel comfortable ... When BSU needed big plays, the secondary provided them. Just thought we'd mention that again ... Special teams didn't really do it for us tonight ... Credit for the play of the game should probably go to the poor KTVB camera angles for not getting a good shot of that final Bowling Green fumble. Can we get them all a game ball? ...

Bottom line: a win's a win, and these are the types of games that good teams come away with. The Broncos are certainly a good team, but they'll have to play a lot better next week against Oregon.

We'll have much more coming about the Bronco game and the rest of the college football scoreboard. Enjoy the win even if it wasn't the prettiest thing ever.