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Easy opponent does BSU no favors in polls

While fellow non-BCS teams were moving up in the polls released today, Boise State was staying put.

Utah and Fresno State, with victories over big schools Michigan and Rutgers, put themselves firmly in the Top 25. East Carolina, courtesy of its victory over Virginia Tech, is now knocking on the Top 25 door after not even being listed in the preseason polls.

And then there are the Broncos. After a placing a wallop on Idaho State, Boise State only gained one or two points, which was good enough for 33rd in both polls. No doubt next year's opener against Oregon will have a little more effect.

Did we expect more? Not really. You pretty much play a cupcake opener to get your team ready for the season, not to make an early push in the polls. No doubt BSU had little to no expectations of cracking the Top 25.

But seeing so many of your peers succeed is hard to swallow, as we know from personal high school experiences. We want the Broncos to have just as much success as Utah and East Carolina. Or at least Fresno. Seriously, did you see them play on Monday afternoon? Apparently, the voters did not.

On an entirely different note, a reader told us about a fun little site called Poll Speak that is devoted to analyzing the various college football polls. We suggest making it a part of your Tuesday night.

Oh, and that sneering gentleman pictured above? His team is the new No. 1.

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