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Derek Dooley's star rises and other WAC results

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The WAC had a full schedule on college football's opening weekend with every team taking the field except for New Mexico State (must...resist...NMSU joke...). We detailed Idaho's embarrassing opener earlier today, so here is the rest of the results from the other conference teams.

LaTech 22, Mississippi State 14
Louisiana Tech shocked the world by beating a mediocre SEC team at home. OK, maybe not "the world," but at least the greater Ruston area. How'd they do it? Certainly not with the arm of new starting quarterback Taylor Bennett. The former Georgia Tech star completed just 15 of 40 passes for 161 yards. Gross. It was actually the defense that rose to the occasion, forcing five turnovers, to go with a mesmerizing sequence where head coach Derek Dooley stared down a Mississippi State ball carrier, looked into his soul, took out the part that enjoys football, and left the running back a puddled mess at the 40-yard line.

#3 Florida 56, Hawaii 10
The Warriors made it through all three of their quarterbacks in this one, more out of desperation than anything else. Tim Tebow had a relatively human day, and the Gators still rolled. To be fair, the Hawaii defense did not play horribly. They shut out Florida in the first and fourth quarters, and three of the Gator touchdowns came on returns. Still, Hawaii should probably not schedule any more SEC teams for the near future.

UNLV 27, Utah State 17
Sadly, this was one of the games that the Aggies had circled on their calendars as a victory. Hope they didn't use the permanent marker! USU's new starting quarterback Sean Setzer was pretty horrible and was replaced in the third quarter with sophomore Diondre Borel--a Colin Kaepernick wannabe. Borel finished with 70 yards rushing and led the Aggies to a late score, but by that point UNLV, a not very good Mountain West team, had the game in the bag.

Nevada 49, Grambling State 13
Here's a stat that will get your attention: Nevada gained 426 yards on the ground compared to Grambling State's five. Just a 421-yard margin, that's all. Kaepernick was back to his happy feet ways, scoring three TDs on the ground and throwing a pick-six through the air. Ian Johnson's archnemesis, Luke Lippincott, was outgained in his own backfield by a running back whose name we do not care to look up.

San Jose State 13, UC Davis 10
The Spartans needed a last-second, fourth-down TD pass from their third-string quarterback to eke out a victory over I-AA UC Davis. WAC football: feel the excitement. Kyle Reed was the third quarterback used by head coach Dick Tomey, in what would later be described as "process of elimination," and Reed rallied the Spartans to 13 unanswered points for the win. The much-hyped Yonus Davis rushed for 26 yards on seven carries, reducing the hype quite a bit in the process.