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David Augusto, choose our question!

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We discovered a fun new feature on KTVB's Bronco sports website, much to the behest we're sure of the Channel 7 production team.

For KTVB's weekly Bronco Sports Extra show, there is a segment called Ask Coach Pete, where David Augusto giddily questions Bronco head coach Chris Petersen. Even better, KTVB wants Bronco fans to participate.

Got a burning question you want to hear Coach Pete answer? Let us know and David Augusto might ask him this week on Sunday Sports Extra. Send us your question - and watch Coaches Extra at 10:35pm on NewsChannel 7.

Well, we just can't help but be involved in something like that. Each week, we will send in a question to Augusto with the hopes of him reading it to Petersen. Having Coach Pete answer one of our questions would be like a dream come true, except for the David Augusto part.

This week's OBNUG-submitted question:

"Does seeing the Verizon Wireless phone's spasm-dance on the sideline make you consider leaving for a Pac-10 school?"

Watch on Sunday to see if our question made it.