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Breaking news: Moore, Johnson named POtW

Kellen Moore and Ian Johnson were named the WAC's co-offensive players of the week after the Broncos' 84-14 victory over Louisiana Tech.

"It's an awesome feeling," said Moore, who played only three quarters before giving way in the fourth quarter to Bush Hamdan, Mike Coughlin, and an ecstatic David Augusto. "I wish I could play Louisiana Tech's pass defense every game."

Moore finished 8-for-8 for 535 yards and seven touchdowns, including one to himself right before halftime. The redshirt freshman also recorded a tackle on special teams and a tipped pass on defense, and he sang a new version of the national anthem that he wrote before the game.

"Kellen can do it all," Boise State head coach Chris Petersen said, brushing a tear from his eye. "That kid has instincts that you cannot teach, and I think you saw those tonight. I mean, who else would have been able to lead the team out onto the field, riding bareback on a horse? Maybe me, but that's it."

Johnson provided a big dose of balance for the Bronco offense, turning in another huge performance in front of the ESPN cameras. Johnson scored on runs of 44, 60, 85, and 107 (due to an erroneous spot by the officials) en route to a 303-yard rushing day and four touchdowns. Defensive tackle Joe Bozikovich spelled Johnson in the second half once the game was well out of reach.

"The line was just opening up some huge holes for me," Johnson told a handsy Heather Cox after the game. "I mean one time I actually came to a dead stop in the hole, thought about something nice I could do for Chrissy, then kept going for a touchdown. I hadn't been able to do that since Idaho every previous year."

The Louisiana Tech defense was unable to stop the Broncos at any point during the game. The Bulldogs came into Wednesday as the worst pass defense in the country, and Moore made them look like it. The quick-strike Bronco offense jumped out to a 35-0 first quarter lead and never looked back.

"I am going to have to think long and hard about this one," Louisiana Tech head coach Derek Dooley said with steam rising from his forehead. "I'm going to go down into my coaching lair, eat a box of Powerbars, stay awake for three straight days, and brainstorm until I find a solution. You may see me suited up next game if I can physically intimidate the NCAA regulating body to allow me to do so."

For Moore, it is the second WAC offensive player of the week award he has received this season, counting the one he got following BSU's upset win over Oregon. WAC Commissioner Karl Benson applauded Moore for his unique physical and metaphysical attributes after the game, but he also hinted that it might be nice to let someone else win one once in awhile.

"You look at that Chase Holbrook kid down in New Mexico," said Benson, "and I hear so many good things about how great a quarterback he is. Why doesn't he win more of these things? I just don't get it. From what I hear, he's just as good as this Moore kid. At least, that's the way the New Mexico State guys feel."

Johnson, meanwhile, will savor the WAC honor since it may be the last one he receives in his illustrious Boise State career.

"Coach Pete told us after the game that there's simply no point in running the ball anymore," Johnson said. "We can score with the passing game, so there's really no reason why we should even bother trying to keep teams honest. I agree. I've been needing to catch up on some knitting anyway."

The Broncos are off on Saturday and return to action on October 11 at Southern Miss.