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Bowling Green radio oblivious to Boise State's depth

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The campus radio station at Bowling Green University should probably do a bit more research next time it plans on previewing an opponent.

For a segment titled "Two Minute Drill," the Bowling Green deejays/reporters/media tried to break down the game by position, apparently using only the Idaho State box score, a Fiesta Bowl DVD, a bag of Jack Links beef jerky, and homerism as their guide.

Mailing it in commences in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Wide Receivers: For BG, the receiving corp is very deep, giving Tyler Sheehan a lot of weapons (Partridge, Barnes, Turner, Scheidler, Geter, Bullock). All of the mentioned players have big play ability, and there are others not mentioned in Chris Wright, as well as Tyrone Pronty. For Boise, Titus Young and Tyler Shoemaker lead the way. Young was the main target vs. Idaho State with 7 catches for 142 yards. This matchup is intriguing, however Bowling Green is deeper at this position.

Advantage: Bowling Green

Where to begin.

First off, we seriously doubt that Bowling Green is viably eight-deep at the wide receiver position, but this guy sure can transcribe a depth chart. Kudos.

Secondly, Tyler Shoemaker most certainly does not "lead the way" for receiver at Boise State. That responsibility would fall to the team's leading receiver, Jeremy Childs, or the team's emotional leader, Vinny Perretta. Titus Young leads the team in fumbles so maybe that's where this guy got off track.

And finally, Bowling Green is not deeper at the wide receiver position - not when you consider the Broncos have Childs, Young, Perretta, Austin Pettis, Julian Hawkins, Tanyon Bissell, Toshi Franklin, Shoemaker, and more. We, too, can transcribe a depth chart pretty efficiently.

But the mistakes weren't over. Bowling Green Guy also seems to know nothing about Boise State's running backs.

Running Backs: Willie Geter, Chris Bullock, Anthony Turner vs. Ian Johnson, hero of the Fiesta Bowl two years ago. Sorry, my money is on the man that beat Oklahoma, and proposed to his girlfriend on the field.

Advantage: Boise

At least he got the end result right. For the record, Boise State has the best running back depth in the conference, but let's not allow facts to get in the way of our discussion.

To cap it all off, the story ends with a very predictable guess at the final score.

This game should remain close throughout.

Prediction: Bowling Green 31, Boise State 28

He has so much to learn.

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