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Bowling Green leaves recruiting to a contact form

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Want to play football at Bowling Green? Then you'd better be good at completing an online questionnaire.

It appears that the Falcons base a good portion of their recruiting on the initiative of high school students, allowing potential recruits and pretty much anyone else the chance to access the Bowling Green Athletics website and sign up to be recruited. Simply answer a few questions, give the Falcon coaches your digits, and away you go. The only thing keeping you from a spot on the starting offensive line is a dial-up Internet connection. Go DSL, brother!

We cannot even begin to imagine the problems this must cause. Every single Ohio high schooler with big dreams and no talent is going to be jumping all over the contact form because they'll see it as their big break into the world of college football. Either that or Bowling Green is intent on only having football players who are both big-armed and computer literate. Are gameplans sent via encoded Excel files?

A better question might be: does this even work? All we can picture is Bowling Green coaches sifting through an inbox of "3.48" 40-yard dash times and potentially fake sons of Travis Henry. Guess we'll find out on Saturday.

But until then, it would be a shame to let such a great resource like a self-recruiting contact form go to waste.

So we did what any innocent Boise State fan would do. We submitted Idaho verbal commitment Jared Heston's information.

The form was surprisingly easy to use, albeit incredibly nosy. We did fine putting Heston's basic information in (age, height, weight, affinity for mustaches), but we didn't exactly know his high school counselor's home phone number or how he did on the verbal section of the SAT. Fortunately, the Bowling Green software recruiter doesn't force you to put in anything more than a first and last name, making Heston's impending recruitment a piece of cake. Good luck making that verbal stick now, Vandals.

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