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Bowling Green answers to Bowling Green questions

In our last stab at niceties with Bowling Green fans, we have invited BJ from the FalconBlog to answer some questions for us about his beloved Falcons. You might remember BJ and his website from our friendly Rival Blog Bet that we totally plan on winning. And by "totally," we mean "hopefully." That spread offense is scary.

Enjoy the following information from a Bowling Green perspective. And if you can't say anything nice in the comments, then don't...ah, go ahead and say it anyway.

OBNUG: If we were to fall asleep during the Bowling Green - BSU game, which Falcon player would we be most disappointed to have missed?

FalconBlog: I'm going to say Anthony Turner. He's a slash-type player who will catch passes and run the ball, take direct snaps. He's an outstanding runner who is really fun to watch.

Help us understand the city of Bowling Green better. Does it have a Dairy Queen?

Oh yes, we have a Dairy Queen. And it's open year-round, too. How about that?

Bowling Green is a nice town located just south of Toledo. The university is the largest employer, though there are others. We are home to the National Tractor Pulling Championships each August, and figure skating Gold Medalist (sic) Scott Hamilton grew up in Bowling Green.

The most common question I get when we're on the road is "where is Bowling Green" and when they say that, people generally mean, "I thought it was in Kentucky." Which it is not.

Do you have three quarterbacks because head coach Gregg Brandon is indecisive or because none are very good?

Very clever use of questions there. It's a little bit like giving a deposition. The answer is that we only have one quarterback. It's Tyler Sheehan, and he's good. The other two players who take snaps (Turner and Freddie Barnes) are slash-type players who can run or throw, but they primarily run from that formation. It always amazes me, but we do get yards out of those direct snaps. But, we use them more as change of pace guys.

Tell us something about the Bowling Green defense that would either scare us or make us laugh.

Diryal Briggs is leading the nation in sacks. (ed's note: HAHAHAHAHAHA, oh wait, he's serious)

Rate the importance of this game for the Falcons, using the Homeland Security threat-level colors.

It's BLUE, which is "Guarded." Here's why. And I concede, it's not entirely logical. Obviously, the only games that really matter are in the conference. We just played Minnesota, the first Big 10 team we ever hosted, and before that beat a BCS team on the road. Now our head coach says this game will be tougher than both of those, and I think he's probably right. And, it would be a huge, huge win for our program to win at Boise. But, a loss in this game doesn't derail us from any of our goals.

Word association:

  • WAC. A mole.

  • Kellen Moore. Who?

  • Minnesota. Nice People.

  • Toledo. Hatred.

  • Omar Jacobs. Underachiever.

  • Boise. Love to visit someday.