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Benedict Arnold returns to face BSU, wrath of fans

Remember Taylor Bennett? Maybe this will help jog your memory.

From the Idaho Statesman on December 17, 2003:

Taylor Bennett plans to sign a letter of intent with Boise State today and begin college a semester early, he said late Tuesday night. Bennett will finish his classwork at Lafayette High in Wildwood, Mo., on Thursday and hopes to wear a Broncos uniform on the sideline during Tuesday´s Fort Worth Bowl against TCU.

And then this from the Statesman one day later on December 18:
High school quarterback Taylor Bennett put on hold his college choice Wednesday as he dealt with finals and a barrage of phone calls.

And the Statesman again, two weeks later on December 31:
The 6-foot-3, left-handed quarterback from Missouri will spend some time on the blue turf at Bronco Stadium after all -- wearing a Georgia Tech practice jersey. Taylor Bennett, the mid-year high school recruit who committed to Georgia Tech, then pledged himself to Boise State and finally signed paperwork with Georgia Tech, accompanied the Yellow Jackets to Boise on Tuesday for Humanitarian Bowl preparations.

And from OBNUG, five minutes ago:
Taylor Bennett is the scum of the earth. And he smells.

Bennett had one of the more famous renegements in the recent history of Boise State football recruiting when he flip-flopped between Georgia Tech and Boise State in the summer of 2003. His best friend, David Shields, chose Boise State, and Bennett, anxious to alienate people and anger an entire fanbase, went with the Yellow Jackets.

Now it's time for the Broncos and for Bronco fans to show him what he missed.

Bennett has since moved on to the starting quarterback job at Louisiana Tech, and he and the Bulldogs will be in town Wednesday to face Boise State in the WAC opener for both schools. Get your inappropriate taunts and suppressive jeering ready!

Even though the Broncos have been better off without Bennett, we still think that what he did to our program was reprehensible. The lowest type of person on earth is one who goes against his word, and the fact that Bennett did so against our beloved Boise State Broncos just makes matters even worse. Oh, he will pay on Wednesday night. Of that, we are certain, especially if our anagram signage has anything to say about it.

  • Taste

  • Animosity,

  • You

  • Liar.

  • Only

  • Recruiting

  • Backstabbers

  • Elicit

  • Name-calling.

  • Nice

  • Effeminate

  • Throw.

  • Turnover.

Is it Wednesday yet?

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