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Become the best commenter in OBNUG history

If you have long looked for recognition and self-worth in the comment sections of OBNUG, then you will be pleased to know that we have unveiled the latest addition to the OBNUG sidebar: Top Commenters.

We would like to reward those who contribute to the conversation on this site, and what better way than an arbitrary comment ranking system that we don't yet fully understand? How is Kevan at the top when his reputation score is lower than other people's? Conspiracy, probably! We don't know. But we do think it will be fun to see how the rankings change from day to day and comment to comment.

The full details for the rankings can be found at the IntenseDebate website.

For those of you who have yet to sign up for an IntenseDebate account, we encourage you to do so. It is super easy, and it is well worth the one or two extra clicks (just check the "join IntenseDebate" box underneath your comment). By signing up, you can start earning your reputation score, voting on other's comments, and creating a profile for yourself a the IntenseDebate site. Plus, IntenseDebate was recently acquired by Automattic (it's a geeky thing that we won't get into), which basically means that IntenseDebate should be appearing on many other sites in the near future.

If you're anxious about improving your ranking, we'll have an open comment thread throughout all of tomorrow's games. That should do the trick.

Onward and upward, OBNUG readers.