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An open letter to FOX Sports Net

Dear FOX Sports Net,

We fancy you a savvy sports network, what with your incessant Mariners coverage and your Tom Arnold-ness, which is why we have such a hard time believing that you decided to pass up airing Saturday's Oregon - Boise State game in favor of other, less appealing choices. Seriously, Arizona - UCLA? Poorly played, FOX Sports Net. Poorly played.

We're talking Oregon and Boise State, two of the most exciting teams in college football. Fans want to see touchdowns and big hits and Kellen Moore slow-mo replays, and the only way to get all of those things is to put this game on your network, probably between a Mariners replay and a Beyond the Game feature on Marques Tuiasasopo. Where it belongs, FSN.

Oregon vs. BSU is a battle of unbeatens, and instead of getting the regionally dominant coverage it deserves, the game has been plopped into the laps of the Oregon Sports Network and KTVB. That's no way to treat one of the best games of the season. That's a way to treat pretty much every Washington State game.

What are East Coast Bronco fans supposed to do? Shill for BroncoVision at $9.95 per month? You've left them no choice. The only way for out-of-town Bronco fans to catch Saturday's Game of the Year is to pay for it on the Bronco website and strain at their computer for four hours, hoping that the feed doesn't need to be buffered during a red zone possession.

We implore you to reconsider, FSN. Clear the FOX Sports schedule of whatever Pac-10 dregs you had planned on airing and put the Broncos and Ducks in the spot they deserve. Put aside the politics and the L.A. bias, and you will be rewarded with a well-played, hard-fought game between two schools who have earned the right to be featured.

You've forced our hand, FSN. We are fully prepared to inflict an onslaught of Internet thuggery to right this wrong. You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into.

"FOX Sports Net, you make the earth cry with your poor decision-making and disregard for viewer satisfaction. No Boise State - Oregon game? Shame on you. Reconsider or I will never TIVO Mariners All-Access ever again. You disappoint me.

Do the right thing, FOX Sports Net. Don't make us break out Brian Murphy's Twitter feed.