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Addicted to Quack blog bet paid in full

The wonderful fallout from Boise State's big win over Oregon just keeps on coming. You may remember our wager with Oregon blog Addicted to Quack, where the winner got a free post on the other's website. Well, this morning we cashed in with our free post in a big way.

Many of you had been anxiously awaiting our post on the Oregon blog, and we hope that we didn't disappoint. How could we have with quotes like the following:

Just when things look bleak, Kellen Moore drinks the Pacific Ocean and spits it out in a fine mist over the dry farmlands of the Midwestern plains, causing pure ethanol corn to grow, and thereby solving the energy crisis.

We don't want to give too much away, but let's just say it involves a movie script, Kellen Moore wearing a Superman outfit, and a brainwashed Oregon Duck mascot.

We may need your help over in the comments section.

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