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Homecoming without Idaho is hardly Homecoming

It's homecoming week! And us without our rental tux!

Boise State's game against Bowling Green on Saturday takes on added meaning since the Falcons are the Broncos' 2008 homecoming opponent. What, was Boise Bible College busy? We find Bowling Green to be an inspired choice, considering that most homecoming visitors are easy roadkill meant to please alumni and boosters. The Falcons might even keep this thing to an unhomecoming-like 20-point margin.

But for anyone worried about Bronco players being distracted during all the festivities, don't. As Dustin Lapray reports, it appears that Boise State football players don't look at homecoming any differently. Or they just can't find dates.

"I don't really know much about homecoming week," senior defensive tackle Sean Bingham said. "To me, it's just another week. ... I guess there's a little school spirit and tradition, but we don't really see it that much."

Besides, homecoming has always been about convoluted Associated Student Body event planning more so than actual fun, and Boise State's student leaders outdid themselves this time.

  • The library is featuring "Broncos Through the Decades," a special exhibit marking the growth of the football program through a series of photographs and articles about the team.

  • A battle of the bands took place Tuesday night and from 3-6 p.m. today students can get free fried chicken outside of the Student Union Building for the "Falcon Fry."

  • Intramural Sports will hold "The Toilet Bowl," an annual flag football tournament held during homecoming.

  • A drive-in movie will be held atop the new parking garage at dusk Thursday.

  • A Presidential Recognition Gala will be held Friday night in the Stueckle Sky Club, awarding four alumni for their engagements with the school and for philanthropic ventures. There is a sit-down dinner and a cocktail reception.

  • While the dignitaries have cocktails in the sky box, the students have a pep rally on the Quad at 5 p.m. Friday. There's a free concert and a carnival.

  • The Homecoming Parade begins at 2 p.m. Saturday. The route parades around University Drive and Cesar Chavez Drive (the road that lines the Greenbelt).

Conspicuously absent from this list: a dance. Looks like Dustin Lapray bought himself a grinding bandanna for nothing. Confound it all!

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