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With Moore at QB, watch the dominoes fall

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We love playing dominoes, although not as much as we love playing Clue. However, the Clue analogy just didn't seem to fit when talking about the fallout from the Kellen Moore quarterback announcement.

There are a lot of issues to work out now that the Broncos know who their starter will be, and Bronco Nation can finally move and prepare for the coming season. In the meantime, here are some things to watch for now that Moore is the starter.

Wither Mike Coughlin?

The sophomore quarterback will most likely not see the inside of the huddle during his BSU career, so rumors are likely to fly about whether or not a transfer is imminent. We expect Coughlin to stay, and we picture him as a valuable piece to the Boise State offense even if he doesn't show up in the stat box. Oh yeah, you too Nick Lomax.

What does Joe Southwick think of all this?

The Broncos' 2009 quarterback verbal might see playing at Boise State in a different light now that Moore will be under center through 2011. Due for a breakout year, Southwick is sure to get some attention from big schools, so it will be interesting to see how strong his commitment is to the Broncos.

A commitment from Kirby Moore

Kellen's younger brother Kirby has become a highly sought after high school wide receiver. Will Kellen's starting at BSU be enough to sway Kirby into the fold? Chris Potter sure hopes not!

Dinwiddie's school records getting nervous

With four years at the helm of the good ship Bronco, Moore should be able to threaten if not break some of Boise State's biggest passing records. Don't worry, Ryan Dinwiddie. We'll never forget you.

Moore's dating life set to improve

The new starting quarterback of the Broncos brings with it much attention from the ladies. We imagine Moore's social calendar will be pretty full this fall. (Note: David Augusto volunteers to chaperone.)