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WAC fall camps: hopes are high, better quit while you're ahead

The beautiful optimism of fall camp will give way to the tragic reality of the regular season before long, so WAC teams better enjoy it while it lasts.

Rest assured, they are. Here is a sampling of the high hopes at WAC schools across the country.


New Mexico State

Our favorite out-of-touch fanbase has some pretty unfounded expectations this season. But what's new, right?

The Aggies are expecting to make it to a bowl game this season. We think the Aggies will win between seven and nine games this season including a sweep of rivals UNM and UTEP which is something they haven't done since the 2002 season
We're not entirely sure who is expecting them to make a bowl game other than Hal Mumme, Hal Mumme's immediate family, the webmasters at, and crazy people.

Hyperbole courtesy of Bleed Crimson.


San Jose State

We always pictured Spartan head coach Dick Tomey as a sensible person, but even he can't help but get caught up in the kiddie-pool-wave of excitement surrounding his program.

Coach Dick Tomey, entering his fourth season at SJSU, said. "This should be our best team."
Not sure if that's saying a whole lot.

Blind hope courtesy of the San Jose Mercury News.


Louisiana Tech

The Bulldogs are throwing a Fan Fest on August 10th to celebrate success that hasn't happened yet. We did the same thing when we threw a premature Prom Date Fest in high school.

Tech fans will have an opportunity to meet and greet this year’s players, coaches and administrators during the two-hour event while obtaining autographs and pictures. Numerous activities will be available for youngsters, such as games, face painting and more.
We imagine that the more includes arm wrestling with Derek Dooley, a Taylor Bennett dunk tank, and a petting zoo.

Blatant hype courtesy of the News-Star.


Utah State

This week, Utah State quarterback Jase McCormick quit the team, leaving senior Sean Setzer as the leader in the Aggies' quarterback derby. Perhaps Setzer's joy over this news has adversely affected his decision-making.

"I think we can be really good this season," senior quarterback Sean Setzer said. "We have a lot of weapons; we have to play with more discipline so we can win the close games. But I definitely think we've made a big improvement over last season."
Adding, "How could we not?"

Fish story courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune