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User's guide for watching BSU's second scrimmage

Tomorrow night's scrimmage will be the last opportunity for Bronco fans to see the team on the field before the Idaho State game in two weeks. And if we've learned anything from weekend and evening scrimmages, the we also know that it will be an opportunity for casual fans to hang out, be confused, talk about other things, and distract us.

We would like to change that. There are far too many important matters to be decided and nitpicked in tomorrow night's scrimmage, and we want our full attention to be on the field, not explaining how down and distance works.

Therefore, we've compiled the following user's guide for Boise State's second fall scrimmage tomorrow night (6:00pm at Bronco Stadium). Print it out if you need it, or bring it along to hand out to the people around you. 

  • Kellen Moore is the short, left-handed one.

  • Yes, the giant skyboxes and luxury suites are new.

  • Don't boo if someone forces a turnover. That's a good thing.

  • Ian Johnson will not play every down. This does not mean he is hurt.

  • Jeremy Childs was suspended for academic reasons, not burglary, larceny, underage drinking, dogfighting, grand theft auto, or being too cool for school.

  • Please stop asking us where Marty Tadman is.

  • Do not, under any circumstances, start the wave.

  • There may not be a whole lot of scoring. If this is an issue, we believe Pineapple Express is playing at Edwards at 6:30.


  • Sure, that pink Kyle Wilson jersey looks good on you.