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The game week that felt like any other week

whateverIt's game week here in Boise. We think.

Honestly, it is hard to tell. When we pictured this opening week of college football in our minds over the summer (and make no mistake, we did picture it, usually at work or during family dinner), we imagined it would be a period of overwhelming joy and celebration and that there would be enough Boise State talk and discussion and euphoria to make even the most fervent Bronco booster embarrassed. Where are the streamers? Where are the parades? Where are the Bronco car window flags? On second thought, we never pictured Bronco car window flags.

The silence is deafening. Ironically.

Of course, when we say silence, we are being pretty facetious. For goodness' sake, we've still been churning out five posts per day minimum, so things can't be that quiet. The problem must be in our expectations. We just never thought the city would approach the Idaho State game with such a general shrug. "It's just Idaho State," the Treasure Valley seems to be sighing. Good point, but it's still Bronco football.

We imagine that the mood could be related to any number of different things: the SE Boise fire, the closed practices, Labor Day, Dustin Lapray's second job at Bandana World. And we are fairly confident that the game-day atmosphere on Saturday will be as Bronco-rific as ever. But until then, this lull is unbearable!

Things we should be discussing:

What Kellen Moore had for breakfast.
Did he have Raisin Nut Bran? Because WE have Raisin Nut Bran!

How much of the playbook we'll see.
There have been hints that the Broncos won't hold anything back. How Steve Jobs of them.

How long will Ian Johnson play.
If at all?

Where will Jeremy Childs be watching the game.
Study hall, we imagine.

Who will lead the team out of the tunnel.
Or, more precisely, which model of Dodge pickup.

When will Brad Elkin punt for the first time.
If at all?

Did Boise State's scout team outperform the real Idaho State team.
Seriously, Drew Hawkins and Russell Hill are probably a "push."

We could really go on and on, which is probably exactly what we will do tomorrow. Someone's got to be overly excited for the start of football season and have access to blogging software. That's us to a tee.