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QB battle: Moore vs. Hamdan vs. Lomax(?): Day 9

The most important decision in the history of the world will be made in the next few weeks, and we'll be providing daily updates on all the hype and hyperbole surrounding the Boise State quarterback competition.

Vs . Vs .

Guessing who the starting quarterback will be based solely on the media reports from practice is hard. So with the Broncos' first public scrimmage in the books, we finally have some biased personal opinion to throw into the mix.

There was no clear-cut winner in the quarterback race yesterday. There was really no clear-cut winner of anything. But one thing's for sure is that whoever gets names the starter will have to be good at scrambling, making plays on the run, and handing the ball off.

The Moore vs. Hamdan debate, at least for one day this fall, should make room for Nick Lomax. The hard luck junior had the best efficiency rating out of the three QBs, which should earn him at least a mention in the competition conversation. Although, running against third teamers would make anyone look good. Right, Kevin Sapien?

Moore: 9-of-22 for 137 yards and a touchdown. Looks very much in control of the offense. Seems to always come up big in game situations. Goes through his reads too quickly. Moves well. Has big-play potential.

Hamdan: 5-of-15 for 48 yards. Feels pressure and moves well within the pocket. Throws with confidence. Forces balls into tight spots. Tends to lock on to receivers. Smells like a leader.

Lomax(!): 7-of-9 for 68 yards. Owns the third-team defense. Is tall. Delivers the ball on time and with accuracy. Has virtually no chance of being starting quarterback.

Advantage: Moore.

In the lead...Moore. The freshman jumped over the senior in our minds with his performance in the first scrimmage. He seemed to handle his situations the best out of all four quarterbacks, and he made the right decision on almost every play. With the line the way that it is, Moore looks the best under center because so much of his potential is on the run, outside of the pocket. Hamdan is just a bit behind, but all could change over the next five days.