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QB battle: Moore vs. Hamdan: Day 15

The most important decision in the history of the world will be made in the next few weeks, and we’ll be providing daily updates on all the hype and hyperbole surrounding the Boise State quarterback competition.


Well, we kind of kissed objectivity good-bye this morning with our post on Kellen Moore, so no matter what we say from here on out will most likely be shaped by our extreme bias. The same thing happened in the 2004 presidential election.

Both Hamdan and Moore played to a draw this weekend in the Boise State scrimmage. If you want our personal opinion, Hamdan simply threw the ball to open receivers whereas Moore fit the ball into tight spots. But, again...bias.

Hamdan: threw three touchdowns in Saturday's scrimmage, threw one touchdown in today's practice
Moore: threw one touchdown in Saturday's scrimmage, threw zero touchdowns in today's practice

Advantage: Hamdan.

In the lead...Hamdan. It pains us to say it.