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QB battle: Moore vs. Hamdan: Day 1

The most important decision in the history of the world will be made in the next few weeks, and we'll be providing daily updates on all they hype and hyperbole surrounding the Boise State quarterback competition. 


Boise State football is back, which begs the question: Who will the starting quarterback be? Now that the players are actually on the field, we will be able to track the candidates (Kellen Moore, Bush Hamdan, and to lesser degrees, Mike Coughlin and Nick Lomax) and provide daily breakdowns of where things stand. Today, senior Hamdan takes the lead.

Hamdan: Spent summer vacation organizing softball game and warming up to media.

Moore: Spent summer vacation getting a farmer's tan.

Today's winner: Hamdan.

In the lead...Hamdan. But that's nothing a Planet Beach tanning session can't fix.