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OBNUG's 500th post: bring on the carpal tunnel!

We debated for awhile what we would do for our 500th post. A 10,000-word tome on Marty Tadman? An expose into the underbelly of the Boise State ticket office? A Fiesta Bowl haiku? But we decided to celebrate with a small pat on the back and move on to bigger and better Bronco things. Like practices we're not invited to.

We'd like to thank our readers for putting up with our narrow vocabulary that all too often resorts to the word "awesome." We'd like to thank Utah State for their willingness to be the butts of many jokes. But most importantly, we'd like to thank our Boise State Broncos for being the best team in the country to cover and root for. We never imagined that we'd have this much to write about, but we couldn't be happier with the way things have gone for this website. The Broncos will always have our loyalty, long after our keyboards and typing fingers quit working. We've had lots of fun over the past 500 posts, and we look forward to the next 500 (a.k.a. October).

In honor of our 500th post, we'll be revealing a big surprise on Monday (don't worry, we didn't sell out or anything). It will be worth the wait. Stay tuned.