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Nick Lomax prefers playing time, will transfer

The Kellen Moore quarterback decision has its first victim. Well, second victim if you consider Bush Hamdan's ego a victim.

Nick Lomax has announced that he will transfer to a Division II or Division III school this season and not attend classes at Boise State. Coach Pete broke the news in his weekly press conference.

"I think Nick saw the writing on the wall a little bit," Petersen said about the quarterback who lost out on a starting job the past two seasons.

The decision makes sense for Lomax. It was doubtful the junior quarterback would see the field this season or next considering he had a freshman (Moore) and a sophomore (Coughlin) ahead of him on the depth chart. Now the question becomes where will he go to play and just how good will he be in Division II or Division III football.

We've compiled a short list of the Division II and Division III schools in the area that might interest Lomax. He played his high school ball at Lake Oswego in Oregon.

  • Linfield

  • Western Oregon

  • Whitworth

  • Pacific Lutheran

  • Willamette

  • Lewis and Clark

  • Central Washington

We've also compiled a short list of Lomax's possible performances at a lower-division school.

  • Sets Division II or Division III passing records and turns pro after the season.

  • Throws for 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns and is given the key to the city of Willamette, Oregon.

  • Competes for the starting job and loses, prompting him to transfer again.

Wherever Lomax ends up, we wish him luck...and an offense that does not require the quarterback to move out of the pocket.

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