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NFL preseason weekend: Scandrick vs. Naanee and more

There are plenty of Boise State players on NFL rosters this offseason (see our list for AFC and NFC), so there are plenty of reasons to cozy up to Rich Eisen and the NFL Network all weekend. Gerald Alexander and the Lions played last night (Alexander had one tackle), and there is a full slate of games over the next few days. Here are the top games to watch.

  1. Cowboys vs. Chargers, Sunday 8:00pm

    Romo vs. Rivers. Tomlinson vs. Ware. Owens vs. Cromartie. Scandrick vs. Naanee? You can forget those first three matchups. It is preseason, remember? The Scandrick-Naanee battle will be the fun one to watch. Both former Boise State standouts should see significant playing time in this first preseason game, and there is a good chance that they might line up across from one another. Who will get the better of whom? Will they chat about the Boise Fanci Freez? Will the Hard Knocks cameras pick up on this?

  2. Broncos vs. Texans, Sunday 6:00pm

    Ryan Clady will get his first taste of NFL action against Mario Williams and a whole bunch of Mario Williams' back-ups.

  3. Cincinnati vs. Green Bay, Monday 6:00pm, ESPN

    Do you think the ESPN crew will talk much about Brett Favre? Only all the time! Try to cut through the Favre love shower to get your eye on Daryn Colledge and Korey Hall. The two former Bronco stars will still give you a reason to watch the Packer offense even though it does include more Aaron Rodgers than you might want.

  4. 49ers vs. Raiders, Saturday  8:00pm

    Drisan James (Oakland) and Jerard Rabb (San Fran) are both battling for roster spots on their respective teams, and they'll need to make their mark early in the preseason to earn their shot. How about a re-creation of the Fiesta Bowl hook-and-ladder? We doubt Jared Zabransky is busy.