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Morning paper: Boise State football links 8/8

Practice begins in earnest today as the players put on full pads and the newcomers join the returners for morning practice. David Augusto could NOT be more excited.

Brandyn Thompson named camper of the day []

That brings the tally to Defense 3, Offense 1, Special teams: 0.

Get your Ian Johnson injury pdf [Press-Tribune]

Now the season can officially get underway.

Further details on Bronco practice [Times-News]

Dustin Lapray is nothing if not descriptive.

George Iloka is the man [Statesman]

He is more mature at the age of 18 than we are now.

Yakima loves adopted son Kellen Moore [Yakima Herald]

Reporting on other newspapers' polls must mean a slow news day.

Idaho needs wideouts [Statesman]

In addition to most everything else.

Elkin first to admit he was awful last year [Statesman]

Punting is not as easy as it looks apparently.

Freshman DT Michael Atkinson could be good [Dave's Blog]

At least a few of these freshmen are going to see playing time. Why not the big one?

Nevada is so weird []

First hynotism. Now volleyball. What's next? Improv?

Beer and fantasy sports are here to stay []

Maybe there is hope for college football after all.