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Morning paper: Boise State football links 8/28

For the first game of the season, things have been strangely quiet around Bronco Nation. We guess a Division I-AA opponent will do that to you, but still we wish there were more to talk about. Better start making stuff up then, right? Links below.

Drisan James released by Raiders [Inside Bay Area via ISZ]
Boise Burn suddenly very interested.

Boise State C Thomas Byrd also a student of the game [Statesman]
Joining pretty much the rest of the team.

New Vandal uniforms look just like the old ones [Statesman]
A "golder" gold? It's like the emperor's new clothes all over again!

Obligatory Russell Hill reference [Press-Tribune]
Oh, did he used to play at Timberline?

Buster Bronco's new face and more [Fight Fight BSU]
However, Idaho State game remains rather non-intriguing.

Phil Steele's Week One predictions [Phil Steele]
Florida to not score 50 points against Hawaii. Phil Steele has lost it.

Percy Harvin to miss Florida's Hawaii game []
Tim Tebow to score extra touchdowns in his absence.

LaTech to get creamed by LSU next season [Shreveport Times]
Boise State still to play UC Davis.

Brian Murphy's five Boise State game questions [Murph's Turf]
No. 6: Do I have to stay for the whole thing?

Idaho State-Boise State one of most lopsided matchups in Week One [Washington Times]
Don't kill the messenger.

Not everyone got the Kellen Moore message [Blog Critics]

Students celebrate football's return [Arbiter Online]

Graham Watson tries to make nice with non-BCS teams []